Why Professional Product Photography is Essential for Your Brand

Why Professional Product Photography is Essential for Your Brand

Corporate photography is a means by which a company can communicate their personality, professionalism and uniqueness to their customers. It’s a way to demonstrate and create hype around products or services and can transform a brand from being well-known and turn it into a household name.

What’s the first brand that pops into your head? Ikea? McDonald’s? Coca Cola? Now think about why that brand came into your head. OK, it’s likely that the company you are thinking of has been around for years and is a well-known, multinational corporation, but how did they get there and why are they now a household name? How do they make their products so appealing? How do they advertise? Whether it’s a TV ad, magazine or website, they all use visuals; images of their products, their locations and their teams.

It’s all about the images

Without professional, well composed, properly lit and edited imagery, it’s unlikely that any big brands you see today would exist. Photographs are your opportunity to showcase your product. Sure, with the technology that is available today you can probably take a good photograph, but to create inspiring imagery takes careful planning, composition, knowledge and experience – that’s why professional photographers are passionate about what they do and spend years honing their craft.

Inspiring your customers

Next time you’re at McDonald’s, or any fast food chain, take some pictures of your meal. Based on your pictures alone, would you pay good money for that meal? The answer is probably ‘no’. It takes a team of professional designers and photographers to make that product look good. Lighting, angles, experience in how to capture an image that tantalises the taste buds and makes you crave a well-constructed burger with perfectly cooked fries.

McDonald's Big Tasty

Look at IKEA, you only need to see an image of a perfectly designed, minimalist living room to know where it is from. Ok, so a team of designers has put that room together, but capturing the warmth, brightness or energy of a room is all down to the photographer.

IKEA Living Room

It’s the same for any product, think about the products that your company offers, you might be able to take a picture of the product and think “yep, that looks like my product” but does it inspire you, do you instantly feel the need to have that product in your life?

Hire a professional

Professional photographs are what sets you apart from the rest. A well-constructed image can spark emotion – happiness, comfort, appetite – and really take your business to the next level. On the contrary, poor images will make your customers look elsewhere, so don’t take the risk, work with a professional and become the next big brand.

Arcanum Design Solutions have helped countless companies to stand out from the crowd. We have worked with some of the Midland’s brightest businesses to provide creative and well-produced photographs to match their brand and get them noticed.

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